Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever Blogg. I decided to start a blogg so that I could share my experience and learn from others about one of my passions """Soap""". When I say soap I mean Natural Cold Process Soap. I am a little into melt and pour also but mostly CP.

I may also post once in a while on my other love and that is polymer clay.

Here is one of my creations:

This particular soap is made with a process called whipped soap. Where the lye solution and the oils are all room tempreature. I enjoy this process mostly because I can use a little more creativity. I like to break out the cake decorationg bags and go a little wild. I used a imitation of Drakkar for the scent.
I have this soap in my web store
I Welcome all comments and thank you for visiting.

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