Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love coloring with Cocoa

Heather and Hyacinth

I have decided my favorite colorant is simply Cocoa. It always gives me such a nice chocolate brown to my soaps. It doesn't matter if I have added titanium dioxide or used a fragrance that discolors. I can always count on my Cocoa. It also seems that whatever other color I use it is always complemented with the brown the Cocoa creates. Plus Chocolate is great for your skin. Above is an example of coloring with Cocoa. This is one of my new soaps that I created for The Vintage Cowgirl.

Below are some more of my new soaps.



Today I am going to make 6 lbs of Non-scented and Non-Colored soap. I know I know not very exciting but I have several customers who have such sensitive skin that any Fragrance oils and Essential oils or colorants really effect their skin. I actually love this soap though. I use Lots of Shea and Cocoa butter which leaves the soap with a slight nutty scent. Its very creamy and bubbly that you really don't miss all the other.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some New Creations and some old complaints

I have been busily been working on a new customers order and have of course been neglecting my blogging again. I really need more time in a day and it would help if I was oh say 25 and full of energy. I recently turned the big 4-0. Isn't it funny how any age with a zero at the end seems major. Or is that just me. I had a hard time turning twenty and thirty and now forty. I know, I know how could I have a hard time turning twenty. It was a kind of "Oh no I am not a teenager anymore and now I have to responsibility and still I can't go to the bar." Although I already was going to the bars. I think it was a more of the I have to take responsibility now. No more oh it's cause I am a TEENager. Thirty was hard because I remember my mom being Thirty and thinking that was old. Also twenty all of a sudden seemed so young and free. So I guess the years ending with a zero feel like turning points really.

I have also turned into one of those moms. You know, the kind that has their child into everything. I had Chris going to Chess, Soccer, and Gymnastics. Well I had to let him let go of chess (He wasn't that into it). The Chess coach said he was really getting it and would be able to do the tournament this year, but Chris really didn't care for it. Just as well he really needs to have some cool down time between activities and School.

I really have been busy creating some new soaps for a really cute store in Albuquerque. Vintage Cowgirl is the name of the Store and Joann the owner is such a fantastic person. I have created 6 different soaps that will be carried on a regular basis in her store. I am also working on creating a Vintage Cowgirl Soap. Below are a couple of the soaps.




Her Store will also carry Lavender, Heather & Hyacinth, and Apple Jack Peal. After this weekend I will post more on her store. She is located in Old Town at

328 San Felipe St NW Ste H
Albuquerque, NM 87104.

Also I created a new bar called the Snazey Caffeinated Salt Bar. This is named after one of my customers that suggested it. It is a combination of a Concentrated Coffee brew and Grounds, Utah Red Sea Salt, and a load of Shea butter and Coconut oil. My Customer loved my original Utah Red Sea Salt Bar and thought it would be interesting to add coffee. Not only is coffee a great deoderizer but some people contende it helps reduce the apperance of celulite.

I added in a little Cocoa powder and some Chocolate Fragrance oil to give it a little of that Mocha Coffee scent. I have tried it in the shower and I must say I am a little addicted. It is scrubby, but I like it scrubby, and I love the soft scent.

OK now for an old complaint. My last post described a lesson I had learned from a fellow Etsian and Soapper. Well I recently ordered two soap from fellow soapers on Etsy and loved both soaps. My problem is I was promt in payment and giving feedback and glowing feedbackat that, but one of the fellow soapers has yet to give me feedback and does not respond to my convo's. Not that I really need the feedback but I see that this shop gives feed back all the time. I also have found out that the Soaper who admonished me for not being more freindly in my emails with her and done this to other soapers and has gone as far as threatning to give bad reviews. So my question is, is the soaper community becoming one or those communitys with jelousy and hurtful. The one thing I have always loved about the Soaper community is that we have always been supportive and helpful. Well I will now be a little more careful, but I will not give into envy. I love seeing others soapers work it helps me to be inspired and want to push the limits.