Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Chris G Show and Whipped Soap

Well its official my house is messy. We decided to install wood floors and I can't tell you how disorganized that made my already disorganized house. I have been able to get some soap made. I made some whipped soap and so far so good. I have tried it in the shower and I must say with just a little tiny dip with your bath poof and it is suds galore. I am not putting it up for sell yet I want to see if it holds in the whipped form. I will be making some cream soap soon which is very simular to the whipped (Just not whipped).

The Cream and whipped cream soap I do in a crock-pot. They both use Potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide for the saponification process. After it comes to trace you actually cook it longer.

After cooking it for several hours its ready to whip. I use my kitchen Aid for this.

This batch is scented with Apple Jack and so far is very creamy and fluffy.

Christopher posted another web show in honor of Easter. Forgive me this was when we were putting in wood floors so the house is messy and the video editing once again is not great. Christopher forgave me, but he did say that I would need to improve.


Joy said...

Ooh! Thanks for a peek in on your process! I've just started getting interested in handmade soaps (Etsy is a very slipper slope), but I'll be honest I haven't the slightest clue how they're made. Thank you!

Body Natural Soap said...

I have been checking out your site also its great. I really like Millers handmade soap site and teach soap for tutorials.

Lomond Soap said...

Hello, long time since I caught up with you, sorry.
Sha Marie, this is strange! On a UK soapy forum we have been talking about whipped and cream soap. Cath Failors cream soap book isn't available here so nobody really has a clue.
Yours looks wonderful, so fluffy and creamy :)
Do you have any good links for making it?

Body Natural Soap said...

There is very little info on the web. I still feel like I need to experiment a little more and then I will post a tutorial. (maybe) Seems that I run out of time to do the many things I want to do.

Body Natural Soap said...

Snowdrift farms has cream soap recipes and a calculator.

Lomond Soap said...

Cheers :D
Will check that out!