Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love coloring with Cocoa

Heather and Hyacinth

I have decided my favorite colorant is simply Cocoa. It always gives me such a nice chocolate brown to my soaps. It doesn't matter if I have added titanium dioxide or used a fragrance that discolors. I can always count on my Cocoa. It also seems that whatever other color I use it is always complemented with the brown the Cocoa creates. Plus Chocolate is great for your skin. Above is an example of coloring with Cocoa. This is one of my new soaps that I created for The Vintage Cowgirl.

Below are some more of my new soaps.



Today I am going to make 6 lbs of Non-scented and Non-Colored soap. I know I know not very exciting but I have several customers who have such sensitive skin that any Fragrance oils and Essential oils or colorants really effect their skin. I actually love this soap though. I use Lots of Shea and Cocoa butter which leaves the soap with a slight nutty scent. Its very creamy and bubbly that you really don't miss all the other.

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Ragtree said...

Sha-Marie, the cocoa is BEAUTIFUL! I made chocolate soap a couple of times and REALLY liked it. I'm going to hop over to your Etsy and see what is new!

I hope you're doing well! Has Chrisopher posted anything else on YouTube???

Renee :)