Friday, January 2, 2009

Presenting My Foaming Soap

I had been wanting to try liquid soap for so long and now I like it. My son loves washing with it. Its nice to have on the sink for him . Its definitely not as messy as the bar soap gets after he's done. I also noticed that he doesn't overuse. Before he would have the water running full blast while soaping his hands under it. I think now that he sees the foamy lather right away he doesn't feel the need to use to much. He also loves the Strawberry smell (that's the scent I used for his) and the reddish lather. He claims its Lava. LOL

I added it to my main web site and plan to add it to Etsy some time today.


Lomond Soap said...

Looks lovely and so clear too. This has been on my list of things to do for a while. Maybe in 2009?!
I'll be quizing you soon =D
Well done!

Body Natural Soap said...

it looks clear but really there is a yellowish tinge to it. I never could really get it to come out real clear.

Check out Summer Bee Meadows lye calculator when you do it. It worked best and Catherine Failor's book Making Natural Liquid Soaps helped a lot.

Also I found that what you think is to much lye isn't when using Potassium hydroxide. Also the oil matter as in impurities. if there are impurities that do not sapfony then you will have cloudy soap

Kreated by Kelly said...

That is really awesome!! I love that with the foaming, there will be a need to use less soap AND water!!! Good call *smiles*