Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think I might Cry

Just a quick post but I need to do this to kinda of get it off my chest. Maddie is Sick I am taking her to the vet today but she is acting just like the other puppy that we adopted. I am so scarred. If it is so then I will not be able to ever adopt another pup from the shelter. I just can't take it. I took her and Cody to the shelter on Tuesday for there next round of immunization and ever since that Maddie has not acted well. Having these puppies be so happy and healthy for so long I am just beside myself that they may now becoming ill. My guy and I have already decided that there is no way we can spend as much on these little guys if they are sick as we did on the last puppy. We spent close to a thousand on the last puppy and with Parvo its just really difficult to save them.

Well send Maddie and Cody your prayers.

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