Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Maddie

Well I thought it would be good news for Maddie but looks like she does have Parvo. Once I got to the Vet I found that they hadn't tested her just the Poo. I asked them to please test her and sure enough my suspicions were proven true. So tonight we are disinfecting. We have to spray bleach around the property and wipe everything that Cody can come in contact with with bleach. Seems that Bleach is the only thing that kill Parvo. Right now Cody seems healthy but the vet states that she may just not be showing signs. The only help for Maddie is to remain on IV and Antibiotics and cross your fingers. I am not sure how long we can afford her care since it gets quite expensive and she could need this for several weeks and even then she might not make it.

Well I probably won't post on this agian at least for a while I don't won't the blog to take on a depressing nature.


Soap Kitten said...

I'm so sorry! I understand how devastating Parvo can be. I wish you and Maddie the best. I hope she pulls through.

Lomond Soap said...

Maddie looks strong, I'm hoping and praying she will get over it.

Joanna said...

this must be so hard for you. I am sorry. She is as cute as a button! I wish you and Maddie the strength and health and hope this resolves quickly.



Gioia Made Soap said...

Dear Maddie
I hope you will make it... so I give you a hug from dog to dog and will think of you.
Gioia Made Soap

SoapWithBalls said...

We had a pup arrive from the US with Parvo years ago. It took a week for her symptoms to show & then boy was she sick. Its a smell you never forget. Our girl was in the vet's intensive care for 10 days but did pull through. I hope yours does too.

SoapWithBalls said...

I wanted to say you should contact your humane society where you got these dogs. They either don't know or don't care. If its a 'don't care' issue then it becomes an abuse issue and needs to be dealt with. They would need to do a complete bleach down of their facility & confine all pups to quarantine till they know for sure they've gotten rid of the Parvo. They know it is highly infectious and should NOT be adopting out these pups till their centre is clean/ parvo free.
( posted by soapwithballs' mom.)