Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our New adopted Girls (Puppies)

This is Oso the day we adopted her. We were at a craft fair and the humane society was having a adopt a thon. She died less than a month after we adopted her.

I am dedicating this to my new girls. We have been wanting to adopt a new pup for a while now. We did adopt a little girl last year and it was heart breaking. We named her Oso (Bear in spanish) since she looked so much like a little bear. She was a sweet little girl but unfortunately she had Parvo when we adopted her (Unknown to us or even to probably the shelter). We took her to the vet with in a couple of days because she was becoming lethargic. Sure enough she had parvo we spent a hugh amount on her to try to save her but it wasn't ment to be. My son was the smart one in the whole ordeal. He said at least she knew what it was to be loved. It took us all a while to get the courage to adopt agian but once we got the courage boy did we adopt. We now have two little girls. They are healthy and happy and completly torment the old man (Our other dog buster). Cody is a sweet cuddly girl who will lick you all over and just loves to cuddle (My son really likes this). She is a Australian Shepard mix with short little stubby legs (Looks like basset hound legs). The other little girl is Maddie (Named by my son cause she was mad at cody). She has got attitude. When she first met Buster she barked and growled. She tried to show him who was boss by putting her front legs up on him and growling. He just looked at her and then at me like what she's kidding right. She is a German Shepard mix. Well they are a handful and I didn't realize how much more poo there would be but there are no regrets. each is loved and even though they torment Buster (think he's around 12to 14) he seems to like the company (Sometimes).


gracefruit said...

Oh, they are so CUTE! Do you just carry them around everywhere?

Lomond Soap said...

Boy! Have you got your hands full ;)
very cute puppies, so happy they have a good home. The wee one you lost does look like a bear, how sad it didn't make it. Look forward to more pics of the newbies growing up :D

desertmolly said...

Oso looks eadible, so very very cute

Joanna said...

oh my gosh they are CUTE!!!!!