Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soap and More Adventures

I have really been busy. Really to busy to even to make soap. It really has been awhile since I was able to make soap other than Wine Soap. I really need to batch up on the wine soap also. We been wanting to be outside more than inside. We borrowed my folks Truck and have done quite a bit of cleaning up around the house and took our junk (somebodies new Treasure) to the flea market. What we didn't sell there we donated to Goodwill. My son made quite a bit off his old toys so he purchased himself a nice inexpensive digital camera

have been enjoying the spring type weather and I must admit I have

Wow he's pretty good with it for only being 6. Maybe I will have him start taking photos of my soap. He took a picture of this tree which I thought (I am Biased) was quite good.

Here is a tree I found interesting.

I think we all have been bit by the Camera bug. Riley, Chris and I all love going on excursions and just photographing whatever catches our eye. Chris will even set up toys and then photograph them.

We also have been gearing up for Tee Ball now that Basketball is over. Here are my two guys practicing. As you can see Chris is needing a little help. He is tending to hit the tee more than the ball.

So in step Riley.

Well as you can see the stance is good but the ball didn't go far.

I did manage to make 3 logs of soap this last weekend. The first is a Soap loaded with Utah Red Salt that a friend requested. The other is my attempt at making a gloppy top. Hmmm not sure but with the Lavender essential oil and rosemary I think it will still be a keeper. I also made a lemon Verbena batch but it set up quickly so it is not exactly how I was imagining it. I think the lavender and the lemon logs will redeem themselves once they are cut. The Salt Soap is 70% Coconut Oil and 20% shea and 10% olive oil. The others all have Coconut, Palm, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Shea, conola, and Grapeseed oil.


Lomond Soap said...

Hurrah, you are back and soaping :)
Are they cut yet..are they???
Patience is not a virtue (of mine)!

Anne-Marie said...

The textured tops look great! I can't wait to see what the inside looks like!

P.S. The picture of your son is priceless- so cute!