Sunday, March 29, 2009

Soaping Agian. Its Good to be back in the Saddle


I Was busy of this last week. I also was inspired by Bramble Berry's Cup cake Frositing. I always make CP soap cupcakes for all my craft fairs and festivals. They attract a lot of attention and help produce sells mainly because people will want to ask questions which leads to me being able to show them other items. I decided to use the Bubble bath frosting to top them off this time instead of whipped CP soap. I really like how they look. So now I can sell a 2 for 1 Soap on the bottom and Bubble bath on the top. LOVE IT. Thanks to Anne-Marie and her hard working crew. The CP bottom is scented with 7up pound cake and the bubble bath is Carrot Cake. I will most likely make some bombs and regular Cup cake soaps.

I also make a Bunt Cake CP soap. I did cheat and use melt and pour for the icing. This is scented with yellow cake, cinnamon bun and a little almond. I used cocoa in the Melt and pour for color.

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Audrey said...

Wow!! those look great!! Almost good enough to eat. Might fool my kids.