Thursday, July 2, 2009

2nd Edition on the Whipped Soap

Here is more on the Whipped cream soap. This stuff goes through many transformations during the cooking stage. I may have forgotten to tell you that the entire time I have my crock pot on low and through our the cooking stage I stir the soap with my hand blender. Once the soap has gone from its separation stage it gets to a thick applesauce phase. I tried very hard to take clear pics so that you could see each phase.

It is important that you keep an eye on your soap through this phase I would continue to stir every couple of minutes.

Once you see this the soap will cook for a couple more minutes before it goes through the "I am going to puff up triple my size" phase.

During this puffy phase you need to continuously stir it down. I had the first batch go over the crock pot. This is one reason that you only want the oils to fill 1/3 you crock pot ( So for my recipe you need a rather large crock pot, I suppose you could also use the double broiler method also).

Once it has finished the Puffy phase and calms down it goes into a gel phase. I still cook this about another 30 minutes before emptying into a Tupperware container for curing. Below you will see on this batch I added the coloring and fragrance at this point. You can wait until after the curing phase and that way you can scent and color smaller batches. I will post the rest in a couple of days. See ya then.

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