Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soap, Sewing and Fabulous Christopher Pics

Here are some of my new soap along with my ever so busy wine soap. The winery that I have keeps me on my toes and they are my bread and butter. They allow me to continue to create other soaps and body products.

Below you will see my white Zinfandel. MMMM it is such a nice smell. Strawberries, rose petals, red raspberries really round out this wine, mmm Soap.

Below is a slice of cinnamon and chocolate that will tickle your senses. I love marble cake don't you. But this isn't to eat but to have a wonderful Shea butter soap rich shower.

Here is one of my bread and butter soaps. Black Mesa Winery's Black beauty soap.
With a generous helping of Shea and wine you can't go wrong and as their web site states "A little chocolate. A little sweetness. A little naughty – could lead to dancing!" This is a chocolate flavored wine that lends itself perfectly to soap. Wine is an antioxidant for the skin also and retains that quality in the soap.

I guess lately I have been feeling inspired on the sewing machine. The last show I did was the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). To go along with the theme I made several white skull soaps and some Hemp oil melt and pour soaps. I left some unpainted and hand painted several others with soap paint that I ordered from PJ's Soaps. Unfortunately I really don't have any real good pics of those but here are the few that I did take. Most of these following pics I took with my cell phone which doesn't take the best pics.

Below is Christopher after working a deal with the face painting lady. Of course he traded soaps and lip balm for it. He so loves to be cool.

He is also a a great model for my items I sewed and since he loves to pose its actually fun for this guy. I love sewing Bags and they usually go over well at the craft fairs and what not. I have fallen in love with what i call a sling bag. It is similar to a back pack but only has one strap. Below is the latest that I finished.

One the strap I put a pocket that would be great for most sell phones or even an MP3 player.

On the front there is a pocket and then the bag actually opens up on the side with a zipper.

Inside is a small pocket but other wise its all wide open space.

My son seen a pattern for a Do-Rag (Or head Rap and he had to have it) He picked out the material and everything. Now he wants some shorts and a tank top. Isn't he a great model.


Hippy at Heart said...

Those soaps are just so fabulous. They look like scrummy cakes. I wish I could smell them.
And Fabulous Christopher looks great in his bandana.

Lisa @ Serah's said...

That soap looks so delicious! I had to do a double take to make sure that it wasn't an actual piece of cake.