Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whipped Soap Finaly

Here I put on my trusty whipping attachment and whipped that color and the fragrance in. The soap at this point is to thick for the blender attachment.

Here the soap after whipping it a little more I determined that I should cook just a little more before adding the Glycerin.

Here is what it looked like after adding glycerin to it and about an ounce of stearic acid

After this has been thoroughly whipped in let the soap cure in a closed container for 24 hrs ( I actually think its better after 48 hrs).

Now you take a little at a time (I found trying to do to much at one time is a big mistake. Slowly add a little Glycerin to the soap as your whipping. You don't want to add to much because it will all collapse on you later. You want a stiff consistency more like uncooked meringue. Any thing less stiff and it will later collapse and separate.

Ta Dah all done.


Lomond Soap said...

That looks like fun! I had a pot of whipped soap from someone recently and it is really nice to use.

Michelle Stasha said...

Is that the same whipping attachment at the end, or another one? I need something like this

Body Natural Soap said...

So the first whipping attachment is with my stick blender and the last is my kitchen aid mixer. The stick blender is a Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender With Case. It comes with a blending wand and stainless steel whisker. I adore it.