Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad week - Productive weekend

I had a real bad week last week. Actually it wasn't so bad tell the end Just a real emotional time. I was so glad it was over. Saturday I went to the wine and Art Fest here in Espanola NM. Wow it is so amazing the amount and quality of artist we have in Northern NM. I seen pottery, Glass work, paintings, digital art, sculptures, wood work, tin and just about any medium you could imagine. I really should have had a booth since there wasn't anybody with soap, but I have been so busy getting ready for the Los Alamos Fiesta. Next Year for sure. While I was there I stopped by the Winerys booths and gave them my pitch. They all loved the idea. Whoo hoo 3 more Wineries for soap. I also stopped by Black Mesa's booth and found out that the soap has been going so quickly I am going to have to double if not triple up on my batches for them. So this weekend I made more soap and packaged up 30 bars of the cured black beauty soap so I can get those over to black Mesa. I also made a few more bags. Hopefully I can get some pics up. I am going to make more soap tonight hopefully if everything works out well. Check out the pics of some of the artists at the fiesta.

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