Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Salt Bar Results

Well here are some of the pics of the salt bars. The weird thing is I started using one and now that I have got it wet and actually used it it seems to be better, not crumbly at all. The bars hardened very fast. When I say fast with in 5 hours or less. When I cut in to them the ends crumbled in half right away. Even the pieces that stayed together seemed crumbly.

As I said I decided to at least see how the soap would lather so I used one of the half pieces. It actually lather OK and after using seemed as if it was not crumbly. Today that piece and another that I wet seemed much more together and actually salvageable.

Now my only questions is how can I do this better and what to do with the bowl of crumbles. Any suggestions?

On the lighter side I decided to try felting for the first time. I went down to the local weaving shop and got the materials. I decided to felt one of my partial bars that I had laying around. I like it, I think it turned out cute, and its an easy way to make scrap soap pretty.


Lomond Soap said...

Such a shame your salt bars crumbled. Maybe try using ordinary table salt?
Now....felted soap eh? Not something I've tried yet. Looks great :)
Care to enlighten us??? (please)

Body Natural Soap said...

I plan on felting a few more bars so I will see if Hubby can take some better pictures of the process. I haven't used the felted soap yet but from what I understand is that the wool shrinks with the soap. After the soap is all gone your left with a soft wool scrubbie.