Thursday, October 30, 2008

I WON!!!!

I Won the most fabulous items and all I had to do is go to one of my most favorite sites and comment on one of their posts.

If your a soaper even as a hobby then you know Bramble Berry and you know who the Soap Queen is. If your new to soaping and you want to find the best supplier on the net then head over to Bramble Berry other wise you should check out her Blog The Soap Queen and Teach soap for some really cool ideas and recipes. Anne Marie is (AKA The Soap Queen) is always coming up with cool ideas.

Here is what I won and I am so excited because Bramble Berry's stuff is always the highest quality. I started out soaping using her fragrances.


Anne-Marie said...

That is the cutest photo up top. It makes me smile just looking at it =)

Body Natural Soap said...

Thank You. I have no idea how he turned out so cute but he truly is a blessing. He Loves the camera.

Ragtree said...

Oh my gosh I love the pic! Adorable!

That is SOOO cool that you won! I love Brambleberry. The customer service there is the best and that has made me extremely loyal to them!

How is your wine soap working out? I hope that goes well!!!

Renee :)

Body Natural Soap said...

The wine soap is selling like hot cakes. I am having to focus on that alot.

Ragtree said...

Sha-Marie, what is your little boy's favorite animal? I want to make him a little mini-sculpture and send it out with yours. I made my son a mini-hippo and he torments me to death with it!