Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trip to the Wines of the San Juan In Blanco NM

Wow what a Saturday I had. I did not realize what a all day drive it would be. I am so glad I did it though. There is nothing like presenting your work to a client. I think they really enjoyed my interpretation of their wine in soap.

Girls-are-meaner we have decided needed a little spice added to it but I believe I have that covered. I find it is real important when designing soaps for a particular customer to not make to big of batches at one time. scents and color can fade over the curing time and you may find that something was lost during that time. They were still pleased with the coloring and the scent. I found that making the drive down to present the soaps also helped in giving it the special touch.

I have to say that if ever around the Navajo Lake or Blanco area you have to stop into this winery. It is absolutelyy gorgeous. Its nestled down in a valley surrounded with cottonwoods and grapevines. The look is rustic and very inviting. I loved the wine tasting room and Jerusalem (She is this wonderful dog that is absolutely the best).

Also I have to give credit to Three other young men who were on this all day trip. (Three hours there and Three back not counting stops). I had my sons half brothers and him along with my hubby. They were all troupers. Here are some pics of the trip.


Lomond Soap said...

That place looks amazing and just what I needed to see on a bitterly cold Scottish Monday morning :)
Are they going to buy your soaps?

Body Natural Soap said...

It was really beautiful. Yes, they want the soaps I don't know yet how much or how often but that will come with how fast I suppose they sell. They did pick up the 26 I had and I processed some more on Sunday. Its crazy but the White Wine (Girls are meaner) reacts much differently than the red. The Red gets much more hotter but comes through more than the white. Must be the Tannin.

I hear Scotland can get a bit cold but its so beautiful in all the pictures I've seen that it must make up for it.

Lomond Soap said...

Well done!! Maybe its down to sugar content too? "They" always say white has less calories than red. Hmmm Scotland is pretty, but only for about 3 months a year, the rest of the time it rains :) Is that my S.A.D. kicking in already, and it's only Oct?!
I really like the idea of wine in soap, I just can't do it =)

Ragtree said...

Oh my gosh! It is stunning! It is SOOOO different than the landscape here in East TN.

I bet your soap is just fabulous! I hope it sells and sells and sells and sells!

Renee :)

Body Natural Soap said...

Thank You both so much. I just wish we would get some of the rain you get. If I could trade you a little sunshine for rain I would.

I think the trick to wine soap is cold processing. I use half of the water with the lye and then what would be half the water I use well chilled wine. I add the lye water in first and then the wine.