Saturday, December 6, 2008


I finished the filtering the Bee's wax and it turned out really bright yellow. Just beautiful. Those little guys are miracle workers. They build such sophisticated homes, take care of all the flowering plants, and providing us such wonderful products such as honey and Bee's wax. Bee's wax is used in numerous products such as:
accordions, archery wax, Balms, baking, basketry, batik, blacksmithing, bronze preservation, candles, candy making, chocolates, soap making and cosmetics to name a few.

I have one bee keeper (Brad's Bees at who I buy my wax from and then several small keepers that I trade my products for their wax. Every keeper I deal with does not use any antibiotics or steroids with any of their Bee's. This is important because whatever the bee's come into contact with is going to transmit to their honey and their wax. I love dealing with the local keepers because I know how healthy their bees are and how they render their wax.

I call my bee's wax organic for these reasons. No chemicals, no pesticides, no steroids or antibiotics, just pure organic Bee's wax.

The one thing I found very interesting is depending on what plants the bee's are pollinating also transmit to their honey and wax. Honey will taste differently depending on what pollen was used and the wax will be a different shade. I recently obtained some Bee's wax from brad's bees that was maroon. It is gorgeous. I think I will use it in lip balms with clear tubes.

Here is a picture of my different shades of bee's wax that I recieved from Brads bee's. The one on top is the maroon one that I am really thinking on how to use it (Really leaning towards lip balms).

I have recently rendered my own wax (stuff I receive straight from the hive from my friend bee keepers). It was a messy process but The wax turned out wonderful. A really bright yellow.

Here you can see the un-rendered raw wax. It still had quite a bit of honey in it. You can also see the wonderful wax candles that my friend gave me. I don't think I will ever use them they are just to wonderful to look at.

Here you can see the honey seeping out.

Here is all the wax melted in my large now wax dedicated pot.

Here is the final filtered wax. Its really lovely.
Some of the wax I will shred and offer for sale on

With the wax shred you weigh it just like you would for the wax beads for you formulas.


Ragtree said...

My gosh you're industrious! I bet it smells SOOOO good!

FairyAlchemy said...

really good post, I love using honey and wax. My local beekeepers all seem to have pale wax and amazing almost clear honey that has a toffee taste. That maroon wax looks amazing I cant wait to see what it looks like in a clear tube.. good luck keep up the great things..