Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today I met with a couple of wonderful ladies regarding a business I am thinking of opening (not soap). It just happened that one of the ladies really had a very unique business already. Could you imagine a business where people and companies commission you to design VERY UNIQUE clothing and then they never even keep this clothing. IMAGINE.

Her elegant couture garments can be seen on display at various airports throughout the country. Each exhibit is educational and explains our need to recycle. She also is involved in giving numerous presentations and workshops.

I wish I wasn't at the meeting for me, because not only is she a very fascinating woman that I would have loved to interview more than I did she is extremely down to earth and really a little to modest.

Don't believe me take a look at her web site and if your in a area that has one of her displays visit. RECYCLE RUNWAY -

Hope she doesn't mind but I thought I would put a little eye candy on this blog to entice you to her site

Now looking at this dress would you say Hmm ... old shower curtian.... and aluminum cans.
Her mission statement says it all.


Recycle Runway strives to change the way the world thinks about the environment through innovative educational programs and couture fashions made from trash. Elegant garments created from recycled materials are exhibited in high-traffic airports to grab travelers’ attention and inspire personal action. Community-based presentations and workshops launch young peoples' imaginations while providing information on how to conserve resources on a grassroots level. Recycle Runway partners with businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, foundations and individuals who actively support environmental conservation.

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