Monday, December 15, 2008


I am feeling real guilty because I haven't kept up with my posts, so I think I will dedicate this to Santa. My son (5 Years old) wrote his first letter by his self to Santa this year and I think he did well ( I did notice we need a little practice with the numbers). He did need some help with his spelling but overall I think his writing and reading is really coming along. If you click on the images they will open in a new window and are clearer looking for some reason (mom).


Enchanted said...

That is so sweet! Makes me think of my boys when they were small. I hope he gets what he wants.

Body Natural Soap said...

I think that Santa can swing all the items on his list since he has been a good boy. Now as he gets older and the items begin to get bigger then will have to see.

Lomond Soap said...

Awww too sweet! I want and Ickle car too, but doubt Santa will bring me one! He's not asking for much, not like some "brats" I know (just so you know I have no kids, but I do know some brats).
I hope his wishes come true and if I don't get round again, Happy Christmas, hope you have a lovely time :)