Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Back and ready to Post agian.

I really had to take so time out. I also did not want my blog to become about my sadness with the puppies. To up date you both Maddie and Cody did not make it. For them the end was quite quick but for me and especially my 5 year old (Now Six, he had a birthday) it was very long and sad. The Vet said that we really need to wait over a year or more before we bring in another dog. The Parvo can live for a very long time in the ground. We took the puppies and Buried them in the country under a wonderful pinon tree. My son thought the place was nice and that they would like it there.

I really had a hard time with it and now I am trying to focus on all the wonderful healthy animals we do have. I thought it would be nice to introduce some of them to you.

This is Buster. He is a great friend with more love for his family than any other dog. He is very well behaved (except when he digs out of the yard to vist the girl down the road, which resulted in a large vet bill). He is getting old (over 12) and has hip problems but still loves to chase the Nitro Car. I don't know what we would ever do with out him. He is very protective over Christopher and always makes us feel safe and loved.

We also have Chickens Ducks and Geese. The Geese are cry babies and complainers. They love to throw dirt in to fresh water. I don't think that they could stand to see fresh clean water and not throw dirt in it. When we allow all the animals out the first thing the geese do is run around from pen to pen and trow dirt in all the watering troughs for the other animals. The other funny thing about them is I always now when my guy gets home because they immediately start honking up a storm. The ducks just follow the geese every where.

The Chickens are funny also. When let out they immediately run to busters kennel to see if there is any dog food. They will then immediately eat any food that he has left. Funny thing is that Buster will run to there cage to see if there are any scraps of leftovers they they did not eat. (The chickens get most our table scrapes). We have one red hen that came from my families ranch. She is a tad ornery. If a bird lands in the yard she will chase it tell it leaves and she basically is the boss of all the other chickens. The rooster before he got to the size he is used to run from her. She is my sons hen.

Also I have this really great 6 yr old who has his own web show now. He is very into iCarly and so he wanted to do his own web show. He wrote directed and starred in it. I did the filming. I really need work at filming and editing but I thought it was a great attempt for his first web show.


Soap Kitten said...

Aw, I'm sooo sorry about your puppies. You know a couple of days ago, I was wondering about Mollie's condition.
I'm sorry for your loss-- I understand what it's like to lose pets.

I think the video with Buster chasing the car is really, REALLY cute!

Joanna said...

I cried a little. I am so sorry. I had big hope for the family.

Your boy is so cute and a true character. He will pull you all through! I just checked on you yesterday.....

so sorry, hon..

Body Natural Soap said...

Thank you all so much both Buster and Christopher are true characters. I hope before Buster gets to old or his hips get to bad that we can get another puppy for him to train. I really would like the puppy to learn from a great dog like Buster.

Enchanted said...

So sorry about your puppies. I was really hoping they would be alright. Thank goodness the vet warned you about parvo staying in the ground so long.

Christopher's video is so cute! I'm watching the Oscars right now and I won't be surprised to see him there in a few years! Go Christoper!!

I can't believe how much energy Buster has!

Ragtree said...

Oh Sha-Marie... I'm SOOOOO sorry about the puppies :(

On a brighter note, I totally LOVE Christopher's webshow. Tell him I think he is MUCH more entertaining than iCarly and I think he has real star quality! I'm impressed with your production skills too!

Renee :)