Saturday, November 8, 2008

Craft Show Today

Well I have been really busy the last few days getting ready for this craft show. It will be the last of the year and I am glad for that. I figured I would post a few pics of the stuff I am taking before I jump in the shower.

Here is one of my San Juan Winery soaps ready to go to the craft fair.

This is my Bee Magic Cream. I love it. I use it at night to remove my make-up and as a cold cream and for keeping my feet and elbows nice and soft.Straglers

The pic above are soaps I am getting ready for the Black Mesa Winery. In the back ground you can see all the wonderful eggs I collected this morning. The Hens have been busy.

Here are some of the soap dishes I made for the show.

Here is how I make my tags. I print them out on mailing labels and then stick them to heavy scrap book paper (decorative card stock). I then use decorative scissors to cut them out.

Here is some of the soaps packaged and ready to go.


Lomond Soap said...

Oh, you have been busy!
All looks great, hope you do well at the fair. I've got my first ones coming up soon.

gracefruit said...

Hope you had a successful show!

Ragtree said...

Sha-Marie... first and foremost I adore you. I do!!!

Secondly, your soap is SOOOO beautiful! I love the cupcake bars! I'm so glad you had a great show. You deserve every bit of success that comes your way!

Renee :)

Croap Queen said...

Wow, all those goodies look lovely. Well done you. I've yet to be brave enough to do a fair of any kind :0)

Joanna said...

Look at all that LOOT!

Do you actually make those soap dishes? Do you sell them, too?

Body Natural Soap said...

Yes I make and sell the soap dishes. I like to tie soap to them using ribbons for a nice little combo. Also if some one purchases a lot I throw them one in for free.