Thursday, September 11, 2008

cupcake soap pics

OK I am not the best camera person but this time
 i tried to take a progression of images.  Any way here is the cupcake soaps.

This is the silicone cupcake holders

Here is the whipped soap mixing.  

After the soap got to a consistency of pudding I put it in the silicone cups.
I then colored and whipped the soap some more tell it was the consistency of Icing
Here are the cupcakes all done.  I added some sprinkles for looks.


Ragtree said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to try this!

Does the top get that ashy layer on it? Do you still have to cover it?

It is so pretty, I can't believe that it isn't really a cupcake!

Body Natural Soap said...

So far when I use the room temperature method I never get the ash. To me it seems that the ash developes if the soap is real hot. So if I insulate a soap to speed up the setting process or if I use the hot process then I get ash. The room temperature process I use less water and it still takes more time than usual for the soap to completly harden.

gracefruit said...

I would so eat those. Even if bubbles came out of my nose.

Body Natural Soap said...

Thank you gracefruit. If anyone wants to see some serious soap they should check out Gracefruits site. I have soap envy.