Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wine Soap 2

OK finished taking pic's of the wine soap. I really like the smell but the chocolate undertones of the wine didn't come through as much as I would have liked. I really needed to add more cocoa than I did. Maybe I will order a chocolate scent. As the soap first started to set I thought oh no I need more color but now as it is curing I am starting to like the color. I added in a Merlot wine scent from Natures Garden It really has the deep grape wine smell but lacking the slight alcohol notes you would expect with a wine. Granted I did not want it to smell much of alcohol. So when making the soap i used half of the liquid for the lye solution (water) and then add the other half Slushy (Frozen, this way the sugars don't scorch) wine once trace started this gave the soap a more realistic wine smell. I did lose the chocolate tones as stated above but I will remedy that next time by adding more Cocoa.


jessica said...

your soap looks lovely!! and i like the first photo.. very pretty..

Body Natural Soap said...

Thanks Jessica It really was a fun soap to make.

Ragtree said...

I tried making wine soap before and it was a DISASTER!!!! I'm SO glad yours turned out okay! It looks so pretty! I wanted to redeem myself but after the first time I decided I'd rather drink the wine than make soap out of it!

Great job! Your blog is fabulous :)


Body Natural Soap said...


I have got to say that I love your blog. Your art dolls are wonderful. I tried my hand at it with polymer clay and I never could get it right.