Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This time some sewing and soap

So I hadn't really been sewing much lately.   But Now I have the bug . I found this site that gave me the idea of using a plastic shopping bag for a pattern. I spent all last weekend sewing and making soap. 

Both my honey and my little man were out of town for the weekend so I was able to totally mess up the house spreading out all my crafts. I had soap in the kitchen and the dining room table was taken over with my serger and sewing machine. I had fabric strung out through out the entire living room. I really just took over the whole house. I was in complete heaven. 

The first Shopping bag that I made has many mistakes, But the rest of them turned out pretty good. See I can learn from my mistakes (or at least some of them).  So all of the bags I made are with recycled fabric.  The first one I am giving to my mom since it was fabric from her table cloth that she has me hem.  I really like the fact that they can be turned into their own pocket for storage.  They hold a lot also the one has a Huge jug of orange juice and gallon of milk in it

One of the bags is actually a trick or treat bag for my son.  He picked out the fabric.  It looks like it has webs and spiders hanging off the sides.

I also made a few soap bags. I am running low and I am going to have to 
pick up the pace if I am going to be ready for the craft show.

I also made soap. Lots of Black Mesa wine soap. Wow their wine is really good. I like their whites and blushes. I have always been a blush wine drinker more that a red wine. But thier red wine is really killer also. I am also making them some small hand soaps for samples and to put in thier bathroom. Due to the nature of wine drinking your supposed to smell the wine. So I had to celophane the soaps. I hope that that doesn't cause a problem down the road.


Ragtree said...

Ah! So we aren't identical twins!

I can't sew and I keep my sewing machine all chained up in the closet in case it gets the bright idea of sneaking out and staring at me while I sleep!

You've been tagged! Come see my blog ;)


Ragtree said...

I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about your witch! I started making little art cards and have been distracted... perhaps I have crafter's ADD! But I'm itching to start sculpting so hopefully SOON!!!!

Hope you have a great day :)