Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow what a week

This last week seemed to last forever.  I think I either have a cold or allergies.  I feel like crawling into bed.  Can't do that though I am to busy at work.  We have the budget year end and so there is so much to tie up so that we don't have any carry over.  Today we also have a chance to do some maintenance on the laser area which has been needed for a long time.  For those of you that don't know I am a Laser Tech.  We have a few large lasers and experimenters from around the world come to use our equipment.  

Anyway, I also spoke with the Black Mesa Winery and they loved the Soap I designed for them.  I will give them the 10 bars I have, and then this weekend make around 50 more.  Yay soap.  I also am going to make some small sample soaps that they can place in their bathrooms.  I will show those as I make them toward the end of the weekend.

Wow the owner of Black mesa is quite a artist  if you have a chance you really should browse their web site.

I guess this weekend is Wine, soap and dancing ( If these allergies let up).

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