Monday, September 1, 2008

Lavander and Rosemary soap

I decided to divide up the lavender and rosemary into two batches. The first batch of soap I decided to go all natural. What I mean by all natural is no additives and colorants. It makes for a plain looking soap but I prefer that. I ground some of the fresh lavender and infused it in my olive oil for 2 days. I Ground some more of it and as my soap was just about to go into the molds I add it and some Lavender EO. After putting the lavender into the molds I then topped it with lavender flowers. I must say the soap smells wonderful. Below is the result.

I also decided to make some whipped soap using a combination of the lavender and rosemary. I like making whipped soap normally because it gives me time to play around with it. The cool temperatures of the lye and the oils create for a slower reaction. One of these days I will try to get some pics of the process and post that.

I did grind up the fresh lavender and rosemary together and add it to the soap as I blended it. I also added colorant and some Lavender and rosemary EO to this Batch. I love the pastel colors of whipped soap. It is still in the mold so All I have is pictures of that and not the cut bars. Will post those later.

I had a little extra as usual and had to put it in to a small square mold.

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Ragtree said...

It is SO pretty! I read a tutorial on whipped soap and I've been wanting to try it, but I was suffering a little bit of soap burn-out so I haven't tried it yet. Your lavender soap is beautiful, too :)