Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok I took my boy's eczema soap out of the mold today. It is still to soft to cut so I am not sure how the insides are going to look but I am a little confused at the overall look. It is not quite all that I was going for. I really wanted a ocean kind of look but the waves seem to have disappeared and now I am not sure if it can be the blue lagoon. It smells real good. Since this is for a boy not quite yet a teenager I went with the Drakkar scent from Brambleberry, but added some almond to tone down the mature scent. It turned out great. Its kind of like a preteen cologne scent now.

I just hope the soap redeams itself once its cut. Stay tuned.

I have also added My Strawberry Days Cream soap to my Store.

Both of these soaps are great for extremely dry, itchy skin. Both were made specially for friends that had eczema. They are light on lather creamy on the skin. Neither will strip your skin but will moisturize and sooth. The most active ingredients are Cocoa butter, Shea butter, and Oat Milk.

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