Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soap For Excema

I mentioned in the post before this one that a friend asked me to make soap for her niece. This soap was made specifically to be gentle for sensitive skin and excema. I scented it with my winnings from Bramble Berry. The scent is a lavender Strawberry mix and it really is fit for a little girl (or a big girl for that matter). Well the soap was a hit and now I have an order for a soap just like it, but for a boy. I am thinking Blueberry or something similar. Any Ideas?

Here are some pics (not very good of the soap)

I have determined that there is a fabulous artist in my midst. My Son. They are studying the letter C at school and so he was supposed to draw something beginning with the letter C and then tell a story about it. Well I let him do it on his own and what he did was amazing. He drew a cat on white paper and colored it and then he colored a yellow piece of construction paper and glued the cat on it. Well above what I sure the teacher required. He just finished testing and is real excited that he will be moving on to the 1st grade next year. He amazes me always.

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