Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finaly out of my slump and Having a sale

I have updated my shop online so it looks more in line with the holidays. Let me know how you like it. Also 10% off all sales from today till Black Friday.

Remember if you have something in particular in mind I can work with you in making it. I specialize in making wine soaps. They are made with actual wine and scented and colored for that wine.

I feel like lately I have been in a slump. Not only with my soaps but also with my house. This weekend I decided to do some changes. I painted the far wall of the master bath using a lime washing technique. I really like how it turned out. It really lifted my spirits and it did not take long. Now the bathroom looks so much fresher.

I then decided to work on the lights for the workshop outside. We looked everywhere but could not find any lights that we liked with out spending a fortune. Then we seen these lights on sale at Lowes 2 for 19.99. I liked the glass but the rim of it looked like cheap plastic. While my baby was getting spray paint to touch up his rims I noticed this spray paint that looked like hammered cooper. Perfect. So I painted the lights and I think it turned out great. Felt like some of my creativity has came back.

Didn't the lights turn out really good. They now look like quality lights and I didn't have to spend a fortune.


Jan said...

I really like the way your light turned out. I didn't realize how cheap the other way was until you showed me. It is a big improvement.

Body Natural Soap said...

Thank You so much. I liked it so much we went and bought 4 more so that we could update the lighting in the house.

MySweetThree said...

Wow what a little paint can do!..those lights look great. Your soap sounds so unique, I will have to check your shop out!