Monday, November 10, 2008

Craft Fair

Wow the craft fair turned out really great. As usual I took my camera and did not take any pics of my table. I keep meaning to do this but I always forget.

This was my most favorite craft fair ever. It was the smallest as for number of vendors (and price) but the flow of people was steady all day. I sold the most at this fair than I ever have. The Bee Magic Cream was a hit ( I will be putting this in my shop real soon). I guess because winter can really dry your skin. I thought it was my last craft fair of the year, but I was invited to another this next weekend. This one was so great that I am really thinking about it.

I have got to say thank you to all the vendors and people of Los Alamos. It was also a very fun time. All of the vendors were so great. I came away with some of the best earings , necklace and the most cozy shawl ever. Ya, I spent money there too.


MySweetThree said...

It definitely sounds like it was a success, good for you!

MySweetThree said...

Hi! Of course you could link to the boxes..they are really simple to make..and your right, I bet that would make perfect boxes for your soap...just the right size, I'm betting! I am sure you could stock up on cards after the season and get some good deals for next year. The only problem may be forgetting that your bought them next year...something I would do, ha ha!

Joanna said...

I read your comment on Anne-Marie's blog about how you couldn't live without your hdpe mold. I am NOT happy using wood and found Mr. Do Right(??) on Ebay someone recommended, but it is only 2 inches high.

Can you email me? Where do you get yours? I am frustrated with freezer paper and creases and releasing, etc....

Nice blog!! Nice soaps......:D

Body Natural Soap said...

Funny but that is the person I got my mine from and I am really happy with them. I started with the smaller 2 to 3 lb molds to try out. I now have his large molds. The parts are interchangeable, for the most part, and everything is durable. I love his slicer it gives you really nice sized bars.

I use the log molds but he also has the tray molds. Sometimes it I am rushing it I will try to take the soap out of them sooner and then it will stick but I remedy this by useing the soap blade to help release it and it s perfect.

I say buy the small mold to try out. I really love these molds. They are extremely easy to clean also.