Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow busy week - Fighting lazyness

So its been a week since I posted last. That is too long. I have been really busy making soap for the wineries. The one thing about soap making is that you have to stay 4 weeks ahead of possible orders. Since I am having to shrink rap the soaps for the Wineries I want the soaps to be as dry as possible, so I stole my sweeties huge fan. I am not sure if it helps and maybe with the new batch I make tonight I will run an experiment. I will weigh some of the slices and leave half in front of the fan, and when its time for wrapping I will weigh them again. I figure the ones in front of the fan should have lost more weight, but will see.

On another note, I made some soap for a friend that has a niece with excema. I really hope this helps. For people with excema its important for them to find what triggers it, and alot of times the triggers are chemical. Over the counter soaps have a lot of detergents in them and I found with my son that the chemicals in the grocery store soaps triggers his excema, among other things. To me its like a skin allergy. My son had excema and so does his dad. Some of his outbreaks were pretty bad and the doctor prescribed a cream. After a little research I found out that almost all the creams contained steriods and some even caused cancer. This was not what I wanted for my son, but I also didn't want his poor skin to crack and be so irratated and sometimes painfull. That is when I started makeing natural products for him such as soap and creams. So far He hasn't had an out break in over a year. The other thing I had to understand about his excema is not to over wash him. Over cleaning can strip the skin of healthy oils and cause skin to become irratated and therefore cause an out break.

For the excema soap I use minimal palm kernel oil and no coconut. I also use olive oil and canola, and grapeseed. I add in honey and oatmilk. I call it oatmilk because I am not sure what else to call it. It is the milky water that comes when you boil oatmill in water. After boiling the oatmeal in water (about 5 min) I strain it for the oatmilk.

Tonight I may post pics of the soap. This last week I seem to be having ambition problems. The lack of it anyways.

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